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Why Hello There...

My name's Kerry and I'm a Writer\Animator, I like to make short films and I hope you enjoy them. I can be contacted by the Contact Page or on Twitter

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    I suppose I should check in on this blog even though I have no new videos coming out any time soon.I'm currently writing episodes for my favourite chi...
  • Happy New Year!
    Dear 2014,Hello, how are you?  Look, I know it's your first day and everything but I'm afraid I have some bad news. Your predecessor 2013 really ...
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    I never know whether outtakes is one word or two, or hyphenated?  Either way, here's, screw ups from our last filming session.  Th...
  • GNR Challenge completed, Holiday and...
    This is a bit late but... I did it!!!  I completed the Great North Run in the time of 2hr 47mins, which I know is slow but it's fast for me consi...

Old Comic Strips

Back in 2006 before I could animate I would get my jollies making comic strips. They're not great but I keep them here for old times sake.


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